Gravity flower vases, a line of acrylic objects

Published on September 13, 2017

Award-winning product designer Yoh Komiyama and metal mold artist Mitsuru Muroshima from Japan are pleased to introduce their latest product “Gravity” in the “mold” series, which will celebrate the world premiere and product launch on 18th January at Merci in Paris during Maison et Objet Paris 2017.

“Gravity” is their ambitious experimentation for mass-production of one-of-a-kind products realized by a unique collaboration of product design and metal mold craft incorporating the natural force–gravity– in the procedure.

Gravity is a line of acrylic objects or flower vases with each piece made of a unique form created by sheer chance.

The unique spontaneous shape is made of the same-shaped acrylic resin bottles cast into a single mold; taking out the bottles, one by one, from the injection mold while it is hot; and “dropping” each piece from the ceiling onto the floor.

Their theme is to “mass-produce one-of-a-kind objects” by simply incorporating a force of nature–gravity–in the production process.

The shape of the bottle is derived from PET bottles, a symbol of mass production. Outlines of dozens of typical PET bottles are extracted and morphed into a three-dimensional modeling data.

The height and intensity of the “dropping” procedure of the heated bottles depend on the craftsman’s mood of the day; when he feels calm, it takes on a gentle form; and when he feels spirited, it takes on a lively form. These bottles, made of unique forms created by chance, are just like human beings; they basically comprise of the same structure, yet each has quite a distinct character.

Mold + Acrylic

Mold + Acrylic + Gravity

The metal mold is a symbol of the industrialized society based on the division of labor and mass production. The sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein pointed out that the “world-system”, where the production of fuel, textile and food were provided externally from the colonies and the economic surplus in the colonies were brought into England, had already existed at the time of the Industrial Revolution, which eventually prompted industrialization throughout England. Through the three stages of the major industrial revolutions (steam / electricity / computer), commercialization of daily life has been promoted and resulted in the division of labor and leisure.

It is said that the fourth industrial revolution based on the Internet technology is expected to happen with Germany as its center in 2035. Rather than speculating on the expected industrial revolution based on the latest technology, it would be more important to think about the essence of the industry, and ask oneself the true meaning of the word “productive”.

At the same time, we should also ask ourselves, “What are important things in life? What are the most important values in life?”


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