Wool fibers are dyed on a hand-operated spindle. Rugs by PearsonLloyd and Nanimarquina

Published on April 30, 2014


The exclusive Greenwich rug collection designed by PearsonLloyd is produced by Nanimarquina, a Barcelona based company that has been working with textiles since the 1980s.
The wool fibers are dyed on a hand-operated spindle. At Nanimarquina, a special emphasis is put on researching raw materials and traditional manufacturing processes. Thus, the beauty of the product is enhanced and rugs, textures, colors and knots are converted into art and stories.


In the ateliers, the skeins of wool are hung in the sun to dry. Later they will become part of the Greenwich collection.


When Nani Marquina discovered the worlds of other cultures in developing countries, she decided to relocate all the production and set up there. This allows Nanimarquina to boost local economies in these countries and offer new opportunities and improved living standards for local people.


The Nanimarquina team travels to countries where rugs are an important part of the culture and history to gain first-hand knowledge of manual techniques and learn from the regional craft traditions. Here, the Greenwich pathways are carefully hand-profiled one by one to obtain the appropriate thickness and pile height.


A weaver is working on the binding of a Greenwich rug. Traditional techniques such as kilim, dhurrie and sumac make the rugs really special and unique. There’s not only a very laborious process behind each rug, but also a story about another culture, which gives them all a very special value.


Artisans are closely examining the knots’ density to make sure that there are no excess threads. The production is a balanced process between our needs and the tools and knowledge of the people involved. In all of the projects, special attention is paid to the finish, with strict quality control processes, and with the know-how that is essential to obtain optimal results.


The whole Greenwich collection is handmade, and the artisans pay special attention to every detail. The traditional know-how plays a very important role in the production.


This is the whole Greenwich collection, photographed in the Nanimarquina atelier in Badohi, India. Hand-made from 100 percent natural Indian wool, the collection reflects Nanimarquina’s commitment to outstanding quality as well as exceptional design. The Greenwich collection comes in two designs (lines or fields) and two shapes and sizes.


Detail of the Greenwich rug “Lines”, mirroring the pathways of the Greenwich Park in London. The different pile heights are distinctly visible.


Detail of the Greenwich rug “Fields”, showing some colours in combination. For Nanimarquina, each colour stands for a feeling and each feeling has its own colour. The process of choosing a colour is one of the most fundamental steps in designing rugs.

PearsonLloyd and Nanimarquina


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