Hand made leather accessories by Jules Cairon for Coltesse

Published on January 5, 2013

Coltesse Leather goods are handmade in Paris from french leather and designed by Jules Cairon.

About Coltesse
Paris, March 2006. Coltesse was born from a desire for encounters, for a passion for the creative process. From the birth of an idea, and its production and interpretation by another. With this name, Florent, founder of the brand, wanted to tip his hat off to one of his first encounters, with the contemporary French author Bernard-Marie Koltès. Koltes, in a language made of flesh and blood, wrote a revolution – at the constant search of the service of communication between people.

Collaborations between graphic designers, artists, and creators are at the core of Coltesse. Some of this first artists to collaborate with Coltesse were Spaceknuckle, Tomontherock, and Mathieu Missiaen, Indeed, the brand began its adventure with a remarkable output.
Coltesse t-shirts are primarily the result of a process of reflection. If the brand does not look to appease a general consensus, it won’t impose its own judgement, nor a discourse on its own masturbatory philosophy. On the contrary – what pleases the various members of Coltesse is the freedom to express oneself, to re-invent the t-shirt.
It is a unique emotion witnessing some stranger’s wearing your creation on the other side of the world. Indeed, it is here that the magical effect of the encounter is produced. Coltesse can be found in Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Sydney – it is, in and of itself, a journey between Paris and the rest of the world.
In parallel to aesthetic experimentation, there is much technical research involved in the creation of Coltesse’s shirts. How can we obtain the best possible print, on the most appropriate material? This preoccupation is inscribed in the Parisian artisanal and sartorial tradition, and carried out by the createurs at Coltesse.
Today, the graphical aspect of t-shirts is shifting. In view of its upcoming collections, Coltesse has mutated its work on purely graphic creation to a concentration on the garment, on its conception and its cut. The brand is expanding its horizons, with a promising new silhouette in the near future.
All of this is made possible by the encounters made since the inception of the brand, a constant factor at the core of this project. Our desires have evolved, but our passions remains the same – tomorrow, as always, is still just as bright. Written in gold on the DNA of the brand, our motto stands: “Keep your eyes open, and enjoy every moment.”

Coltesse & Jules Cairon


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