Handmade for the industry by Dave Hakkens

Published on February 13, 2012

Most of the products around us are made industrially. Dave Hakkens is a big fan of craftsmanship and he believes our world sometimes just needs products to be made industrially. To make the products produceable for machines they need a 3D file which is designed and drawn on the computer. Usually this is done entirely computer based. Products are starting to look the same and a personal details are lost. He wanted to make a technical product by hand but still produceable for the industry. He did this combining old techniques & crafts with new technologies such special software and 3D scanning.
Thus, he took a normal plug and a power socket. Usually these things haven’t got any value. If for instance an electronic device doesn’t work anymore the plug is also thrown away, even though it still works perfectly fine. He wanted to give the plug more value and  make it less disposable, so when a electronic device is broken you disconnect the plug instead of throwing it away.

Whilst working on this project, he also thought of a new kind of plug: the sharing plug. The sharing plug is especially designed for products that are always plugged in such as a television, a fridge, a radio, lights etc. These products always keep the socket occupied. The sharing plug is a plug which allows you to connect other electronics on it. It shares the power with another plug, no splitters needed. The sharing plug can’t stack in itself so you don’t have to worry about using to much power on one socket .If you need a power socket straight away and there aren’t any free ones, just plug it in the sharing plug! Now you still have to connect it yourself, but he would love to see it if companies attach this plug at there product(which are always plugged in) as the standard.

Dave Hakkens


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