Foam furniture by AIBA

Published on March 13, 2012


Pure and simple. Concepts such as nature, new experiences, handmade, material properties, cultural diversity, manners, etc. Are the main precursors for the creation of this project. Also simplicity, the experimental thing, the purity of the material, showing it as it is, with no need of hiding it and the desire to transmit new sensations in daily activities.

haz-puff-AIBA-foam-furniture-24 haz-puff-AIBA-foam-furniture-27

Cubic pieces of different sizes, made of ether based (polyether) white flexible polyurethane foam, which apparently do not hide anything special. They contain an interior hollow which works as counter-structure, creating voids and walls of different thicknesses where it is needed depending on the deformation intended in each case. The properties of the foam, therefore, are essential in this project, that consists in three lamps and three seats which will “come alive” thanks to the interaction within the user.



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