Carlos Ortega’s hydraulic cement tray

Published on June 17, 2015

hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-03 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-02

A hydraulic cement tray results from the application of an industrial process for tile making.
Carlos found this highly skilled industrial process really interesting, as it relies on specialist labour rather than technology investment.

hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-09 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-10 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-11 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-12 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-13 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-14 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-15 hydraulic-cement-tray-carlos-ortega-16

The process involves cement, sand, granite and marble dust recycled from the natural stone industry (Saw dust waste).

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