Incense holder and Candle holder made of silicone

Published on June 21, 2016


Silicone is a well known material that can be found in many scenes of our daily lives, for example, aircrafts, cars, construction material and kitchen ware and so on. Why is it so versatile? It is because silicone is heat resistant (up to 250℃), cold resistant (can stand -40℃), water proof, weather proof and has insulation properties. SHINDO is a company that focuses on silicone, and continues to research and develop the possibilities of this material.


For this project, Japan Creative matched Pierre Charpin with SHINDO. He has designed many mass production items and at the same time, is known to create one of a kind pieces. Being an expert in design in the broader sense, he took care to research in detail “the fundamental possibility that the material possesses.” When Charpin visited the factory, he was especially interested in the techniques of one-piece molding. Also, SHINDO asked for “an item for daily use.”

incense-candle-holder-silicone-pierre-charpin-shindo-japan-creative-13 incense-candle-holder-silicone-pierre-charpin-shindo-japan-creative-11 incense-candle-holder-silicone-pierre-charpin-shindo-japan-creative-12 incense-candle-holder-silicone-pierre-charpin-shindo-japan-creative-14

Pierre Charpin got busy exploring the properties of silicone with experts from Shindo, a company specializing in synthetic materials.


Taking into account all of these ideas, Charpin proposed designs for a candle holder and an incense holder. The simple and elegant forms fit in perfectly with the modern day lifestyle. He utilized the heat & water resistant quality of silicone to create new product suitable for our daily lives.


This product was presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair gaining very good reviews and now it is on sale from SOGO Seibu Department Stores and LOFT.

Pierre Charpin and Shindo for Japan Creative
Research & Development: Tomoya Tabuchi


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