Nendo’s “Inhale” Lamp for Lasvit

Published on November 25, 2015

inhale-lamp-nendo-lasvit-manufacturing-glass-blowing-02 inhale-lamp-nendo-lasvit-manufacturing-glass-blowing-06 inhale-lamp-nendo-lasvit-manufacturing-glass-blowing-01

The Inhale Lamp is formed by blowing glass into the form of an air bubble and then quickly sucking the air away.

inhale-pendant-ceiling-lamp-nendo-lasvit-glass-blowing-01 inhale-pendant-ceiling-lamp-nendo-lasvit-glass-blowing-03inhale-pendant-ceiling-lamp-nendo-lasvit-glass-blowing-11

Ordinarily, glass is made by blowing air continually into molten material.


The Inhale Lamp, on the other hand, is created by the act of inhaling. It‘s a form produced by negative air pressure.

Nendo and Lasvitinhale-lamp-nendo-lasvit-glass-blowing-01


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