Inheritance collection by Stephen Kenn

Published on March 1, 2012

Product’s life cycle is one of the main designers’ concerns. Extend their lives when they become obsolete or their natural life has ended is of the main inspiration sources. Obviously at The Method Case we understand considering efficient life cycle as mandatory design requirement. Nevertheless, the second opportunity focused design trend makes a very tough and complex task. Probably due to this fact, Stephen Keen asked himself how he could take every piece of the furniture involved and get in transparent. So one can see every little bit of how it functions.
Most importantly, we really value Stephen’s intention in revealing the process. He actually wants people to know where and by whom things are made, and put a face to the actual product. Thus, Inheritance is a sofa collection sourced and made locally in Los Angeles using (washed and softened) US-WWII military fabric. Steel-welded frames are created for then be rusted and coated with a clear varnish to give them a marbled brown appearance. Once the frames are finished, they have custom-sized leather and adjustable belts made, which are exact replicas of a WWII-era Swiss mule belt. The collection is the tangibility of attractiveness, simplicity and a good selection of materials can create a new meaningful story while keeping the essence of the former product. Enjoy!

Stephen Kenn and Process Creative


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