Interieur Awards Spaces 2016. Create a cutting-edge bar and restaurant concept

Published on November 20, 2015


The challenge is to imagine and develop a cutting-edge concept for a bar that will surprise and enchant visitors and exhibitors at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2016. First of all, the bar is a place designed to meet colleagues and friends, also functioning as an all-day location for serving and consuming quality food and drinks.
Develop a strong theme and vision for the space you would like to create, documenting the inherent message, the intended feeling of the space as well as the food to be served, etc. Surprise us with an inventive and suitable name for the concept.
The jury will be on the lookout especially for proposals showing a clear concept which creates a harmony between emotion and aesthetics, as well as taking into consideration practical issues. The 2016 edition has a particular focus on the menu and food design you propose and potential links with food design and chefs.

Bars and restaurants will be spread through the Biennale venues. They typically measure between 80 and 120m2 and must be designed to serve food and drinks to people all day. A minimum of 50 seats is required. The halls have a height that exceeds 5 meters. Obvious elements such as a bar to present the available food and drinks, a space for service and a small stock area must be provided. It is important for your concept to be scalable to a larger or smaller area.

Proposals need to include an accurate budget estimation that is a reality check and proves feasibility. The production budget of the space is limited to 10,000 euro excl. VAT. The production budget should include materials, a rough estimate of construction costs and the cost of furnishings which will not be supplied by a partner company. Partnerships with brands and/or suppliers of materials, furniture, lighting or other items are allowed and can be an effective way to optimise the available budget. The Biennale Interieur encourages collaborations with its exhibitors or selected design brands to furnish the bars.
For participants making use of such partnerships, the production budget may exceed the amount of 10,000 euro and will be equal to the sum of 10,000 euro plus the intrinsic value delivered by your partner(s). Concepts with partnerships need to include clear letters of intent of those partners.
Partners and/or sponsors of the winning designs will receive a brand mention within the installation according to the rules of the Biennale. If mentioned in related press releases, partners will be mentioned with a ‘supported by’ label. Bar names should not feature brand or company names.

Registration Deadline: 30 January 2016
Judging: February 2016
Announcement of the winners: End February 2016
Exhibition: 14-23 October 2016

The jury will select five successful participants. The prize awarded to these winners consists of the realisation of their selected bar space concept (value €10,000 per winner, a total of €50,000) alongside prominent exposure to the 90,000-strong visiting audience during the Biennale INTERIEUR 2016.

Interieur Awards 2016 (Spaces)


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