Kami spin by Ett la Ben

Published on May 4, 2012

Cellulose is one of the key components of natural origins. It occurs in almost every plant and is therefore the largest natural resource on our planet. In comparison to other natural resources the deposit of cellulose is endless and the material is absolutely harmless and biodegradable. The very light material can be mixed to pulp by simply adding water. The quality of the dried mixture which in their case builds the final product is highly influenced by the mix ratio of the pulp. Basically the experiments concentrate on a cellulose water mixture which can be either free formed or injected into a mould. All objects of the ‘kami-collection’ are simply air drying on positive or negative moulds. In comparison to their previous projects ‘kami pots’ 2011 and ‘kami lights’ 2011 – the ‘kami spin’ 2012 objects are drying through a rotation moulding process which antagonizes and neutralizes the shrinking process of the pulp while drying. This leads to a high quality of surface of the final models. Its vision to create a manufacturing process to build a series production method for objects that are highly sustainable and biodegradable by only using cellulose emerging and coming to existence.

Ett la ben


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