Kobi Chair by Patrick Norguet and Alias

Published on May 12, 2015


A passion for technology, functionality and lightness are the values shared by the designer Patrick Norguet and Alias. Kobi has taken shape as a result of this affinity. Norguet has developed a new type of chair, inspired by the tradition of iron wire chairs, coming up with an elegant and light-weight structure: highly contemporary suspended architecture.


The body is a sort of rigorous and enveloping basket, created by woven soldered round steel wire. The support belt, made from cast aluminium embraces the seat elegantly, totally enveloping the form.


Kobi is the radical marriage of two traditional materials that gave birth to a simple and comfortable chair. In order to maintain uniformity of shape and subtle architecture, the Kobi project called for countless hours of research and technical fine-tuning, as well as several prototypes to adjust and combine two different technologies.


Kobi is an innovative type of seating inspired by traditional wire chairs. Its suspended frame is thoroughly modern. The crisscross pattern of the sturdy and enveloping shell is created by weaving soldered iron rods. The base, which is also made of injection-molded aluminum, hugs the seat elegantly, and envelops it completely.


The leather or fabric cushions are available in seat only, seat and back, or full-shell versions. They are molded to fit perfectly into the shell and visually blend with the frame.


Kobi is available in two versions: lacquered aluminum base and legs with coordinated or chrome shell, or lacquered base and oak-veneered aluminum legs with a lacquered shell that comes in various colors.

Patrick Norguet and Alias


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