Creating a perennial. Behind the Gumtree green tree, rebranded by Koto.

Published on April 27, 2016


Gumtree approached Koto last September with the simplest of briefs, a compelling new logo. This new logo would need to match their future ambition to be a top ten site in the UK. The result is the first step in building a new brand, one that feels modern, simple and digital, in line with the evolution of their digital products.

koto-gumtree-logo-3 koto-gumtree-logo-4

The previous incarnation of the logo was based in the brand’s founding story. Koto Studio started with an open mind and explored both tree and non-tree solutions. It quickly became clear through consumer research that a tree was not just expected, but wanted as part of the brand. They created a new simpler tree to make it more ownable, keeping all the positive natural connotations of growth, stability and diversity whilst making an instantly recognisable icon.

koto-gumtree-guidelines-1 koto-gumtree-guidelines-3

There are a lot of brands operating in the technology sector with poppy primary colour palettes. Here there was an opportunity for a bright natural green, an evolution of the previous colour, to catch people’s attention. They set this vibrant green against a unique darker palette inspired by the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree and its unique multi-hued bark.

We partnered with Koto, who really impressed us. Firstly the fantastic design credentials they have and secondly the chemistry. They are absolutely brilliant to work with and bring a real expertise, but also an energy and enthusiasm into the company.
Hannah Wilson
Head of Marketing — Gumtree

koto-gumtree-process-1 koto-gumtree-process-2koto-gumtree-process-3

To record the process and introduce the new brand to the Gumtree team Koto partnered with long term collaborators Oldie. As well as a behind the scenes film they created the new logo out of items bought predominantly on Gumtree. This grand reveal of the new logo shows the potential for the physical manifestation of the brand. Once the film was wrapped they re-sold a number of the items on Gumtree and made a donation to charity.

Gumtree is our favourite type of project, a brand with a massive potential for the biggest of audiences. Working in collaboration with the internal team we established success criteria of a simple, modern and digital brand which lead to the successful outcome. Our new logo creates a spring board for the revolution of the Gumtree identity top to bottom.
Studio Koto

koto-gumtree-merch-4 koto-gumtree-logo-1 koto-gumtree-merch-1

Practically Gumtree required a logo that works at a massive range of scales from the smallest mobile screen to the largest billboard. Emotionally Koto wanted a tree that Gumtree could own, something that felt timeless, comfortable to all age ranges and not millennial. The result is a digital ready brand, fit for future purpose that will help re-imagine how potential users see the brand.

Gumtree and Koto


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