Kuskoa Collection by Iratzoki and Alki

Published on April 21, 2015


KUSKOA is a range of tables, chairs, fireside chairs and low chairs in various sizes and finishes. These seats comprise two elements. A light shell resting on a finely upholstered oak easel.

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Kuskoa Bi

The comfortable and generously-sized Kuskoa Bi is the first chair on the market to be manufactured in bioplastic. Its particularly enveloping shell, cut out in such a way as to optimize back and arm support. An upholstered version is also available.

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The Kuskoa collection is inspired by the first plastic chairs designed by Robin Day. But in this case, all the chair is crafted out of wood, providing a warm appearance, comfort and resistance. The shell, front upholstered or fully in wood, perches delicately on a frame of solid wood.

The aim was to recuperate the essence of the classic plastic chair. The reference of Robin Day’s iconic chair was always present but with the added value of timber’s warmth. The shell is then held by a wooden easel.

Hille Polypropylene Chair (1963).

They decided that the Kuskoa Bi had to be a comfortable, enveloping chair and to achieve this they opted for a semi-concave shell. The material that best enables this shape to be created is plastic.

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However, the production of plastic not only depletes the world’s diminishing fossil resources, it is also a pollutant that harms the environment and is therefore contrary to their fundamental principles on sustainable development. To find a solution to this dilemma, they carried out in-depth investigative research and found a new material: bioplastic.

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The use of bioplastic is currently being researched in a number of different industrial sectors, including the automotive industry. True to their principles, they wanted to participate in this sustainable development approach by breaking new ground with the pioneering manufacture of a bioplastic chair.

Jean Louis Iratzoki and Alki


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