Light of thought by Kyouei Design

Published on January 13, 2013

A form of the brain formed with tens of thousands of drops which connected each drop of melted solder by the soldering iron.

Every drops tell electricity, and LED which exists at a tip is made to turn on by the electrode of plus of the left brain and the electrode of the minus of the right brain, these electrodes flow into the LED.
‘Light of thought’ is a lighting object, it is like a specimen.
they were enclosed with resin, and it put on the stand which burned off the iron lump by the burner.
This work consists of only necessary minimum parts to turn on an LED. a battery, an electrical cord, solder, resistance, and LED.

This project has been presented at the exhibition Mark-ing.

Date: january 10 -25, 2013

Place : Gallery Libby Sellers. 41-42 Berners Street, London W1T 3NB

This is a Japan/United Kingdom design exhibition. This exhibition aims to examine the various factors which have acted as an inspiration featured, to seek which aspects inspired the designers from each country, and the relationship ties between their respective social backgrounds besides them. It is an exhibition to see how each designer was inspired, consciously or un-consciously, and to see if those inspirations have been visualized or shaped,and also to see how global those factors were.

Kyouei Design


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