LAFRESCA by Granada Barrero & Damian Lopez

Published on June 1, 2015


LAFRESCA chair is a work in progress project designed by Granada Barrero and Damian Lopez , two Andalusian designers deeply interested in the link of craftwork and design, who seek to reactivate the local craftwork and recover some professions on the path to extinction.

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This LAFRESCA is the first of a more complex project that reviews the classic chair made of bulrush, commonly known as “Andalusian chair” which pretends to reintegrate again this democratic seat in nowadays homes keeping its essence, materials and fabrication process.


The use of this traditional bulrush chair spread during the 19th cen- tury all over Spain. It was usually founded inside every house, at the streets when people came out to enjoy the fresh air of the sunset by the door of their houses, in cinemas, restaurants, fairs, flamenco concerts or even at the church. It was the popular chair par excellen- ce, the social chair. However, nowadays the use of this product has been reduced to folkloric events all over Andalusia and a few places where it still remains over the years.

The design proposed pretends to give back the social meaning that this bulrush chair had back in the day. LAFRESCA reflects the historical background of this bulrush chair but has adapted to current context and society. Its shape is the 3-dimensional interpretation of the classic bulrush seat which now mutates to extend towards the back and armrest of the chair.

la-fresca-007 la-fresca-004la-fresca-001a

LAFRESCA chair, awarded with Injuve’s Grant for Young Creation 2014.

Granada BarreroDamian Lopez

Photo & Video: Marinamluna


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