Lateira by Rui Pereira

Published on June 6, 2012


The canned fish industry is an important part of the Portuguese socio-cultural heritage. Despite the few remaining companies, this activity has been intrinsically linked to our country for over a century. 
”Lateira” is an homage to this nearly extinct Portuguese rooted industry. Using the can as a blank canvas, the object grows in shape and dimension. The use of traditional Portuguese pottery (red clay with hand drawn white motifs, from Barcelos), is a way of promoting and preserving our internationally renowned handicrafts. The production of this object is a manifest of the artisan/designer dichotomy, while respecting the methods and rhythms of regional natural resources, all whilst adapting them to the contemporary society. “Lateira” creates an unexpected relation between opposite production methods, hand made and industrial, creating a bridge to the past which projects the future nonetheless. A simple canned sardine is thus transformed into a proud ready-to-order Portuguese delicacy.

Rui Pereira


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