Life – Patterns – Objects by Bram Amendt

Published on December 12, 2012

 Can the sound of a roaring lion or the movement of your child’s first steps be rendered in shapes? Bram Amendt has designed Life – Patterns – Objects: an interactive installation that cuts out shapes dictated by sounds or moving images. The user supplies a video that’s meaningful to them, which in turn will be transformed into a physical shape.

Amendt has mounted a filament perpendicular to a rotating disc. This cutting wire is capable of moving up and down the disk, from centre to outside. Driven by the rhythm of the sound or the movement in the images the filament will cut shapes out of a block of EPS foam. In one go a positive and a negative shape is being produced. The negative shape is used as a push mold for clay. In this way the foam structure is turned into a ceramic object. “Only the owner will know which event has determined the shape of the object. This makes it a very personal and valuable object.”

Bram Amendt


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