Liquid fusion by Atelier Peekaboo

Published on November 22, 2012

During one week, Atelier Peekaboo had the chance to follow the Glasslab program for a workshop at the “domaine de Boisbuchet”, thanks to a price we won with the project “La Digression“.The Glasslab, itinerant glassblowing workshop supervised by designer-architect Paul Haigh, allowed them to experiment glass with three famous craftsmen:  Lewis Olson, Marc Barreda and Chris Rochelle.

Glass is an emergency working material. During five days, they spent some hours every evening to draw the objects which will be made on the next day. Within experiments results, here is a products’ selection that tested severely the glassblowers’ skills. Each object has been thought either to push the limits of this fascinating material, or  to highlight the handcrafted aspect by their process.

Damien Ummel and Thierry Didot meet each other in 2007 at the ECAL during their studies; two young swiss designers from Neuchâtel create Atelier Peekaboo in 2008. Since the end of their studies in 2011, they do their best to share their various references through their works. Often far from the contemporary industrial design world, they get their’s influences in music, books, art and the different cultures they moved in. After some professional experiences, their vision refined and they begin to discern what they want to do as industrial designers. Desirous to take an active part to the whole process of each product creation, they make it a point to step in the building and in the communication of each object. By permanently questioning the industrial designer’s role in a society surrounded by objects, they try to provide elements to respond to it.

Atelier Peekaboo


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