Lost Leather cutlery by Helena Karelson

Published on May 23, 2013

Lost leather cutlery by Helena Karelson 14 Lost leather cutlery by Helena Karelson 17

Sets of textured and tactile cutlery that have been inspired by the investigation into investment casting and an understanding that any organic material such as leather and cork can be burned out the same way wax can be. As there are no moulds, each piece of cutlery is cut and folded into the shape of a cutlery by hand and then dipped into investment. That allows every piece to be unique, as the ‘starter’ object is obliterated during the burn-out process. It allowed using soft discarded materials and transforming them into functional objects, whilst maintaining a perception of softness and tactility of the leather. Characteristics of each material perfectly suit their stage in the process; leather provides shape, metal provides function.

Lost leather cutlery by Helena Karelson 1 Lost leather cutlery by Helena Karelson 2

Since early age, she has harboured a passion for making things with her hands and wondering how things are made. Helena’s work explores industrial processes and how they can be manipulated to create unique, poetical and functional products. Besides materials and processes, she is obsessed with light and shadows and, how the concept of shadows can be translated into tangible objects.

Helena Karelson


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