Made in Mimbre by The Andes House

Published on February 6, 2012

Made in Mimbre was established in 2006. Since then, it has received outstanding praise and marks of distinction from both the national and internacional community, for being a company with a new vision for quality design, a design which embodies a country’s identity, while at the same time preserves the knowledge of generations of traditional craftsmen. Made in Mimbre started by evaluating numerous materials including mimbre,copper, wool, clay, and wood. Eventually, the decision was made to start working with a material which was already present in over 80% of Chilean households, mimbre.

Although the word “mimbre” contributes to the company name, it is only the beginning of a series of experiments in design with copper, mimbre, clay, and wool. Made in Mimbre designs and creates furniture and lighting accessories, as well as custom architectural and interior design projects. Made in Mimbre benefits from a diverse team of quality architects and designers that can offer unique and customized solutions due to their intimate control of the product all the way from design through production.

Mimbre-Mimbre is plant fiber very similar to wicker, that is obtained from the salix plant. It can be used in its natural form as a rod, or can be cut into longitudinal strips for weaving. The material is characterized by its strength and flexibility allowing one to develop numerous creative forms and applications.

Artisans-made in Mimbre has created by a team of artisans working in Chimbarongo Chile. The team works with the expressed consent of using traditional craftsmanship to create new objects by making improvements in design, quality, and production.  Made in Mimbre seeks to professionalize the craft, develop value in higher quality products, and create greater job stability for craftsmen.

Made in MIMBRE by The AndesHouse


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