I Make Objects by Jordi Quintana

Published on April 14, 2014

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“IMO starts from a feeling of nostalgia for the old, the simple and the union between them. IMO come from nature’s simplicity, from its pure observation ”

Jordi, Quinta for friends, is a wood craftsman who creates objects with soul. That part of things unseen, but feel. His method of production ensures that each of its creations have something unique that will never be replicated in other piece.

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“I tired to look for sprouts of craft in the city but, you soon realize that is dead, it’s just past memories; the tools are not used any longer”

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” An old wisdom that are like worn books that are about to end and it’s all about trying to save them before they close forever, die and disappear”

IMO-I Make Objects- by - Jordi quintana-3 IMO-I Make Objects- by - Jordi quintana-1
IMO-I Make Objects- by - Jordi quintana-6 IMO-I Make Objects- by - Jordi quintana-5 IMO-I Make Objects- by - Jordi quintana-7

He has always been a lover of simple things and the beauty of nature, so it was not necessary that ecology became a trend for his project IMO saw the light. Jordi observes people and nature, and he finds items with dual use. He recycles and redesigns, and where we see an old hammer handle, he sees the legs for a new stool. Thinking Mu loves his ability to link seemingly unconnected points between the old and the new, environment and people.

IMO, I make object


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