Marmalade Bleue, lettering and typography

Published on September 13, 2013

marmalade-bleue-themethodcase-01 marmalade-bleue-themethodcase-04

Target devised a tasty “Food for Thought” social media campaign to herald the opening of their Canadian stores. To satisfy both Franco and Anglophone residents, phrases were devised bilingually in a myriad of food groups. The advertised Archer Farms product was subtly pictured in the top corner of each piece.


Another ode to food type and vintage labels, hand manipulating flour to create the text on my kitchen counter.


Danielle Evans is a child of the Midwest. She has inhabited steel towns of western Pennsylvania, vast plains of Indiana, and everywhere in between before settling in picturesquely urban Columbus, Ohio.

She waffles between calling herself a designer and illustrator, due to the narrative nature of her work. Delighting in lettering and typography, she uses paper cutting, food, chalk, calligraphy, brush pens, and digital practices to achieve her solutions. The process is surprising and often organic, staving off most OCD compulsions.
Danielle has worked with large companies, non-profits, and startups, internationally and locally.


Another installment in her thirst for food type, now in the name of tea. Despite the leaf used (Darjeeling, a black tea), the point still rings true in light and fluffy goodness.

marmalade-bleue-themethodcase-11 marmalade-bleue-themethodcase-12

Logo design and packaging for Verna’s, a Mexican style, Tanzanian restauranteur for in store and market purchase. Despite having little to no access to corn, allusions to the Mexican staple were requested and translated into a papel picado design. According to Verna herself, the final concept was “funky… way better than the standard sombrero and cactus”.

Marmalade Bleue


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