Melt project by Rui Pereira

Published on April 9, 2012

Rui Pereira is an Industrial/Interior designer from Portugal who currently lives and works in Milan, Italy. He is fascinated by contemporary objects and archetypes. He seeks to create an instant connection between the user and his design by using comprehensible language with clever and humorous twist. As far he believes that the designer’s role is to educate the collective taste and create an environmental awareness in society through already existing subjects, he has come up with Melt Project. The Project it is an ongoing series of objects that intend to extend the lifetime of disposed plastic objects as a sustainable response to the dependence of our society of petroleum and its products. This serie of objects is a reflection about plastic consumption. A redefinition of the life of the plastic garbage and how it can be transformed into alternative everyday objects.

Rui Pereira | Melt Project



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