Memory by Tokujin Yoshioka

Published on May 24, 2013


Memory is Tokujin Yoshioka’s design for Moroso, fruit of his poetic originality. This imaginative Japanese designer never fails to experiment and surprise us. The comfortable chair features a unique technical covering that can be formed into any shape desired. A free interplay between the seat and the sitter, who intervenes directly in the creative process, shaping the anatomy of the product. Thus the importance lies in the gestures, which establish a physical bond at the time of use. The resulting beauty derives from its irregular form, and from the hands-on mutability of its appearance. The fabric, cotton fibre with an aluminium core, is the upshot of a lengthy series of experiments performed by the designer in person on materials originally meant for the building trade. The fine textural quality is due in part to the combination of aluminium, which gives the fabric its malleability, with cotton canvas, which ensures that it is robust and easy to use.


“Memory is a seat that completes its own design by changing shape. For this project I created a special fabric from recycled aluminium, and worked to make a chair that transforms and memorises its shape. This chair seeks to echo the beauty of nature, with its ever-changing expressions, giving the idea that the design doesn’t even exist”. Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka


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