Ceramist Milly Dent

Published on June 9, 2016

milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-06Heralding from the Sunshine State, Milly Dent relocated to Sydney in the Summer of 2010 after an inherent desire to make eventually took over.

milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-23 milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-24

In 2013, with a Bachelor of Design under her belt, Milly set about on a six-month study sojourn to Montreal. It was here that her true appreciation for clay was first realised, and so on return to Sydney, launched her eponymous label.

milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-04 milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-14

Since then, Milly has fast become known for her distinctive marbling effects and geometric pattern work that challenge conventional expectations of tableware. Inspired by the natural world, her vessels invariably display a whirlpool of inky blues frozen in the fluidity in which they are created, resulting in an organic, yet contemporary aesthetic. The underlying philosophy of her work is based on the simple ideal of producing work which is uniquely handmade and results in practical outcomes which are equally as utilitarian as they are sculptural.

milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-02milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-19 milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-01 milly-dent-ceramic-craftsmanship-13

With a studio in Sydney’s inner-east, a handful of collaborations in play and an unwavering creative dream, Milly Dent’s desire to make continues to take over.

Milly Dent

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