MYX – Mycelium Textile Project by Jonas Edvard

Published on February 22, 2014


The lamps consist of plant fibre and mushroom-mycelium. The plantfibre is a natural waste material that is leftover from textile and rope industry. It is used in insulation and as composite in the building industry. It is 100% cellulose and therefore ideal for the mushroom to live on.


The lamps are grown into the shape during a period of 2 weeks, where the mushroom eats and grows together the plant fibres into a flexible and soft living textile. The production of the lamps and mushrooms needs low light, medium heat and high moisture. Creating the right atmosphere for the mycelium to grow is important in creating a healthy and nutritious mushrooms. The production and caring for the mushroom mycelium is important to avoid infection and bad growth.



After harvesting of the edible mushrooms, the waste can be used as a dry and lightweight material, that is organic, compostable and sustainable.

myx material change800px

The mushroom mycelium stabilizes the construction by physically growing together the material behaving as a glue between the fibres. During the production period every lamp produces 500-600 gr of Oyster mushrooms, is one of our healthiest mushrooms with high amounts of minerals, mainly consisting of protein and fibres.


The Mushroom mycelium uses agricultural waste to grow the fruits and stabilizes the material in a matrix of mycelium roots, that creates an optimized end-waste product with a nutritious food product during the growing cycle.

new myx light-800pxwidth


The lampshade weights 230 grams and is biodegradable in a period of 3 months.

Material: Plant fibres, Oyster mushroom mycelium – Pleurotus Ostreatus
Association: Master Project in product design at the Royal Academy of Art, school of design, Copenhagen Denmark 2013
Dimensions: Diameter: 32 cm Height: 29 cm
Words and images Courtesy of Jonas Edvard

Jonas Edvard


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