Neolastic Sand Vases by Sjoerd Jonkers

Published on September 7, 2015

neolastic-sand-vase-studio-sjoerd-jonkers-05neolastic-sand-vase-studio-sjoerd-jonkers-09 neolastic-sand-vase-studio-sjoerd-jonkers-08

Sjoerd Jonkers’s Neolastic Sand Vase description is based on the principles of experimental archeology. The production techniques are primitive. Each object is handmade with plastics casted in sand molds. The objects present focus on simplicity and confront our views of modern civilization.

neolastic-sand-vase-studio-sjoerd-jonkers-03 neolastic-sand-vase-studio-sjoerd-jonkers-02

On a positive sand mold plastic is casted in an A and B ratio. The sand and gravity forces the vase in a unique shape. If you are interested and want to buy it, click here.

Studio Sjoerd Jonkers


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