Objectify Vase Series by Isabell Gatzen

Published on March 15, 2014


Isabell Gatzen is a 2005 product design graduate of Zurich University of the Arts. Her focus is on “consumer electronics, fashion, objects and interior spaces.” For this project she freely explores a wide variety of openings and textures, while working off a basic shape, in porcelain.

During a 4 month sabbatical in Bali, Isabell Gatzen studied ceramic and porcelain product development. During this time she created a vase series called “objectify”. The series were conceived as an attempt to explore the dichotomy that lies between conformity and individualism.

A mold was used to prototype each initial form. By adding and subtracting she applied unique characteristics to the same bases to achieve vases with a unique character.

Objectify Vase Series-Isabell Gatzen-Themethodcase-2 Objectify Vase Series-Isabell Gatzen-Themethodcase-3 Objectify Vase Series-Isabell Gatzen-Themethodcase-4 Objectify Vase Series-Isabell Gatzen-Themethodcase-5

The vases still have the potential to be functional and the narrative expression adds a layer of irony and humor to each vase. The series aims to expose contradictions in the society for the need of conformity and individualism and our wish for the benefits of mass produced items which equally poses unique characteristics.

objectify_vases_isabell_gatzen_themethodcase_01objectify_vases_isabell_gatzen_themethodcase_03 objectify_vases_isabell_gatzen_themethodcase_02objectify_vases_isabell_gatzen_themethodcase_06 objectify_vases_isabell_gatzen_themethodcase_05

In acknowledgement of these contradictions the “objectify” vase series will be produced by hand. Minor variations in design, shape and color should not be considered a defect but as a valuable and aesthetic characteristic. Precisely because of those differences, people will be able to appreciate that it is a hand made creation and not an industrial product.

Isabell Gatzen


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