Olla by Cesare Bizzotto / ECAL

Published on October 17, 2013


“Olla” is the diploma project of Cesare Bizzotto, a young italian designer recently graduated in the Master program at ECAL.

The aim of the project was to work with a healthy material for cooking adapting it to nowadays standards.
Here comes the combination between the soapstone and the spinned stainless steel and the collaboration between him and Roberto Lucchinetti, the only guy that works this stone in Europe nowadays.

olla_12_©CesareBizzotto olla_10_©CesareBizzotto

The soap stone has been used since thousands of years to cook due to its quality: it’s naturally non-stick, so you don’t need too much oil to cook, it retains heat for a long and release it in an homogeneous way time and is very durable.

olla_6_©MichelaBarbusca olla_9_©MichelaBarbusca

The pots in the market nowadays, often coming from Brazil, are really heavy, don’t work on induction hobs and on direct flame and need a lot of time and components to be done.
The goal of the project was then to adapt the stones pot to nowadays standards.
The combination between the high quality of the Valchiavenna stone and the turned stainless steel makes these pots and pans convenient and contemporary.


The metal part integrates in one element a plaque for the induction, a protection for the stone and the two handles.
They are suitable for induction hobs and for the direct flame and they much lighter compared to the ones on the market.

Cesare Bizzotto

Collaboration with Roberto Lucchinetti

Credits Pictures
ECAL / Cesare Bizzotto / Michela Barbusca



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