One Hundred Wishes by Hush

Published on January 24, 2013

Hush is a design agency that designs and produces experiences characterized by its uniqueness in creating brand recognition for their clients. For 2013, they sought to wish their clients and friends a Happy New Year in an unconventional way. As usually, rather than preaching the value of a single methodology, they believe in the uniqueness of every opportunity. Hence, coming up with 100 “wishes” for the year ahead, they recorded each wish, amplified it, then played the sound clip beneath a tray of water filled with different paints of various viscosities. Creating unique patterns allowed them to transfer each word onto a canvas, which resulted in 100 original works of art, one more beautiful than the next.


From The Method Case and as they also state we find it as really meaningful way to mix and match processes with the best of many disciplines: From design and product development, to architecture and film. Enjoy!




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