Open Design Spinning-top by Helena Karelson

Published on April 18, 2013

Spinning top by Helena Karelson 5 Spinning top by Helena Karelson 4.1

TMC presents a really easy toy & object available for everyone. Made by Helena Karelson, Graduated in RCA has done a “Do it yourself” object. This is a project that was inspired by the emerge of open design, which is using the same principles as open source in software and is part of her exploration of this subject – consumers becoming co-producers and makers. For her the open design model works only if everyone has the knowledge and ability to make the product, it does not require getting it made by a third person and the materials and tools are available to everybody. That lead to designing open design playful spinning-top. This spinning top is designed to be so simple to make, that most people are able to make their own following the instructions and from materials that most have in our homes, such as pencil and newspaper. Everyone can download the instructions of this spinning top from her website and copy or improve the designs. (Instructions of how to make a Spinning Top)

Helena Karelson


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