Original stools (PU-Resin, Bioresin) by BreadedEscalope

Published on October 29, 2012


The “Original Stools” are produced in an unique process which is based on interaction & serendipity. The objects are manufactured with a solid hollow orb which houses a flexible silicone mould of the Stool. Resin is filled into the silicone form in the orb. Then, the orb needs to be set in motion by simply roll it through the streets, down a slope, into white water etc. Since the orb is rolling in all directions, the resin coats the entire inner surface of the form whilst hardening. The flexible form “records” all influences from outside. Therefore, the shape of the outcome varies; depending on sort of landscape, the way it is handled, etc. After a couple of minutes, the resin turns to from liquid to solid state & a unique shaped object is born. An “Original Stool” is always an unpredictable character that describes the capturing story of its evolution. Every single object is individual. They all have their own story and a place to be called their ‘home’. The carefully conceived, free-range kinetic process captures specific time & place by permitting the environment to provide the distinguishing characteristics for each piece.

So far, more than 40 places got their own “Original Stools”, made by the people & their environment.

original-stools-by-breadedescalope-14 original-stools-by-breadedescalope-17

A unique process uses landscape as a crucial part of the formative process;
Selected locations are used as production tracks. A robust, hollow orb is housing a suspended flexible mould of the stools. After filling the mould with a specific mix of resin the orb is allowed to interact with the terrain – surrendered to the formative surrounding.
The rotation is always unique and the variations, subtle or manifest, are recorded by the flexing walls of the silicon mould.
Thus, unique pieces are formed via serial production.
The Original Stools are the consequence of the omnipresent process, and will always stay in close connection to their place of accruement; A manifestation of place & time.

original-stools-by-breadedescalope-33 SONY DSC original-stools-by-breadedescalope-19

BreadedEscalope was founded in 2008 by Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl und Michael Tatschl. The aim of their conjoint work is to find new approaches and strategies for generating socially sustainable objects. The Viennese collective is thereby addressing issues of socioeconomic and cultural relevance concerning spaces and artefacts.
Thus, their work is characterised by a critical involvement with the purpose and necessity of contemporary art and design as a part of modern life concepts.
The works are understood as irritative elements that claim an open dialogue and critical reception of daily experiences and routine. Out of this discourse, conceptual solutions define a holistic design approach beyond beautification.
Experimental, interpretative approaches with strong connection to sculpture and performance manifest in single objects, limited editions and small-scale series. Their projects show an open approach to the approximated themes and address questions on the borderline between objects of art and objects of utility.
Sustainability, readiness to hand and responsible product development are thus confronted with independence of art and artistic freedom and visualize different criteria of aesthetics and quality. These gaps and overlaps between fine art and design demand an inherent paradigmatic change and thus define the working methods and the overall picture of the studio.



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