Orujo Caburé by Calcco

Published on May 31, 2013


Caburé is the common name by which it is known the owlet, a small nocturnal bird of prey. It is said that this bird attracts good luck, that’s why the possession of 3 caburé feathers is considered an amulet to bring luck in the game, health and love.

With the desire to bring good luck for them and for those around them in this new year 2013, they have used its name and its feathers to develop this project.

Orujo is a pomace brandy (a liquor obtained from the distillation of marc, the solid remains left after pressing of the grape) from northern Spain.


From Calcco they have devised and coordinated a 360 degree communication project, the launch of a unique product that represents the combined efforts of various companies collaborating, ©Caburé. This is a global project that is embodied in a special edition of 150 bottles with a presentation and unique content…

From the idea and the selection of a name to the creation of this website and other communication elements, including the packaging development (glass selection, design of the label, wooden case…) and filming the entire process, the project ©Caburé has been a challenge for Calcco and their partners, they bring the best of their abilities and capabilities in every part of the whole.

Calcco and Orujo Caburé


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