Ou Pack – Jonas Feliu Rodriguez

Published on December 28, 2012

Ou pack project by Jonas Feliu Rodriguez is a product design graduation project from Elisava. It was born from the idea of a closer packaging to the consumer, which is not limited to package the product itself: it must project a set of values that have often been forgotten or disused when packaging design: the ritual, the stimulation and pleasure, reconciliation of body and mind, animism and food as primary need. It is a new way to understand the packaging and how it interacts with food and the consumer.

The reason the project is not to generate ecological packaging far (although it is), but to add value to the product and generate a story: the packaging is more than just a cardboard box with a graph applied to far has to do with the food that keeps inside. Three packages are proposed. Each packaging is understood as unique and different, no two alike. It creates a more intimate and personal link with the consumer, generating a confidence value and quality.

Jonas Feliu


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