Pack! by Alei Verspoor

Published on April 24, 2013

Alei Verspoor_Pack_0c Photograph by May Heek -

Alei Verspoor designs textile products and prints and is based in The Netherlands. She has recently completed a Masters in textiles at the Royal College of Art in London and has a BA in fashion design from Artez Institute for the Arts in The Netherlands.


Pack! is a set of modular textile components: a basket, an inside sleeve, straps and buckles. These components are assembled to create a range of bags and nomadic seating and storage, using lo-tech “rapid manufacturing” techniques: folding and weaving. Is evolving. Every component is made of just one material – polyester or aluminium – which makes it easy to replace, repair and recycle components when they are worn out or when you want to switch the function or look of your pack. Is pattern. With the assembly of the differently coloured and printed components, three-dimensional check patterns are created, that continue to evolve over time.

Alei Verspoor


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