Percebeiros (Sea Bites)

Published on April 20, 2015

The wind roars. The sea crashes against the cliff. Two meters of rock, that is the strip of water and oxygen where the goose barnacle grows. Two meters where the sea shows no mercy, and beats with millenary strength. A line of waves and foam where Serxo and his comrades fight for a bite out of the sea.


Percebeiros documentary is well named Sea Bites in English, because it is said that taking a bite from these barnacles (percebes) is like taking a bite out of the sea.
Although the comparison may be a cool and calm expression, the method behind seizing these sea bites is not a walk in the park.

Armed with digital SLR cameras and drones that capture the expedition beautifully, the multimedia journalist, war correspondent and filmmaker David Beriain and his crew follows Serxio and his comrades, as these fishermen scale the rocks along the Atlantic coast, in their daily quest, to capture those intertidal-zone dwellers.


A line between bravery and fear. Between recklessness and common sense. Two meters without margin of error. That is where the barnacles live. Where Serxo lives.


SEA BITES is the battle against the sea from some warriors that don’t consider themselves heroes.

A short documentary by 93 Metros

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