Plaid panel, a blanket-type sound absorber produced by Abstracta

Published on April 5, 2016


Plaid is a blanket-type sound absorber that can be suspended, draped or mounted, all depending on the changing needs of an office and its workers. Plaid can be folded over a metal bracket between desks, or it can be suspended on wires from the ceiling. It can even create an enclosed structure, like a small house, again made up of metal brackets and several Plaids laid out as a sort of roof.

plaid-panel-abstracta-form-us-with-love-12 plaid-panel-abstracta-form-us-with-love-06plaid-panel-abstracta-form-us-with-love-07 plaid-panel-abstracta-form-us-with-love-05

Traditional screens and absorbers allow little flexibility; at the same time flexibility is just what modern day office planners seeks. To address this need Plaid renews the idea of a room divider, while still keeping the characteristics and functions of a traditional sound absorber.

“Plaid sets a new standard for the divider and absorber category. The family consists of the standard application; freestanding, but then we have added hanging versions and the spectacular Plaid House!” says Form Us With Love.

plaid-panel-abstracta-form-us-with-love-02 plaid-panel-abstracta-form-us-with-love-03

Made from laminated felt and fabric, the soft Plaid panels can be suspended from the ceiling or standing on the floor, all depending on the needs of the space.

Form Us With Love and Abstracta


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