Pleat Box by Apparatu & Mashallah

Published on February 15, 2012

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The idea behind the Pleat Box is that of a sophisticated combination between a digitally-designed crease in a piece of cloth, the silhouette of which is applied to a ceramic base.
The outer part of the lamp is offered in white ceramic, underglazed red clay and grey –the result of recycling different enamels. The brilliant white enamel interior creates a glitter effect, which enhances the light from the lamp. It can also be supplied in gold on the inside, which generates an extremely warm light. Available in 4 sizes: diameter 47cm, 36cm, 24cm & 13cm.

pleat-box-apparatu-mashallah-marset-15 pleat-box-apparatu-mashallah-marset-13

Pleat Box has come about through the first-ever collaboration between Xavier Mañosa, a master ceramicist from Barcelona, and the Mashallah design studio in Berlin with Marset.

Designed by Mashallah & Xavier Mañosa
Distributor: Marset

Interviewing Xavier Mañosa for Marset, talking us about his new lamp: Pleat Box, designed in colaboration with Mashallah Berlin based studio.


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