Plonka Surfboards and Kevin Olsen

Published on January 4, 2014


Kevin Olsen is a passionate surfer and surfboard shaper. Living in Hossegor, France, he has devoted his life to producing surfboards which are a blend of passion, creativity, old school techniques and modern ideas. The crown of his range is the “Plonka”.


The Original Plonka (TM) by Kevin Olsen was originally designed in Capbreton way back in 2007.

Just a few years later, OG-Atelier opened as the official home of the Plonka which manufactures, shapes under license and distributes surfboards around Europe and from 2013 to North America.

Plonka surfboards are also manufactured under license by Lampeez Shapes in South Africa, which make Plonka surfboards available nationwide and Australia.

OG-Atelier produces stock surfboards, custom orders that are 100% made at the workshop.

Kevin Olsen Shapes produces surfboard designs with a touch of quality to detail. Each board is handcrafted and finished by Kevin Olsen.


Kevin Olsen is the founder of OG-Atelier and the principle shaper of The Original Plonka (TM) who is South African born and a former pro surfer on the ASP tour.

He now resides in France and shapes full time in Capbreton under the label Kevin Olsen Shapes.

Kevin-Olsen-22 Kevin-Olsen-24Kevin-Olsen-35

Kevin started surfing in South Africa (late 80’s) when surfboards were thick in volume and wetsuits were bright in colour. Some 20 years later, the Plonka has arrived on the scene, and Kevin has re-designed the future of surfboard shapes. He is shaping the new millennium with innovative shaping ideas and designs with quality and performance as his main focus.


The driving force behind the creation of the Plonka(TM) is the demand for better performance, stability and easy to ride boards. Kevin’s passion is to cater and help everyone’s willingness to surf better by providing expert advice and workmanship on all his available models. He believes that ‘speaking to your shaper’ is the main key to get the right surfboard.

This film has unveiled the level of passion and dedication this Artisan has invested into the plonka and every board he makes.



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