HUSH asked 100 people to say a few words about being on the cusp of a new year

Published on February 13, 2014


HUSH is a design agency. They design and produce digital content & experiences that are unique in creating brand recognition for their clients. Thinkers. Makers.


“Release 2014” completes a trifecta of creative, new-year inspired art projects at HUSH since 2012. This year, their primary inspiration was to maintain a correlation between human emotion, personal sentiment and how to translate that into sound and visual form. They wanted to consider the idea of an emotional “release” as they transitioned to the new year; 2013 had been a busy and productive year, filled with changes, growth, and personal experiences for everyone in the company. Release 2014 highlights the emotions conjured at the end of one year, and at the beginning of another. They wanted to harness the power of that emotion, catalogue it and let it go in preparation for another year ahead. They asked 100 people to say a few words about being on the cusp of a new year.

release-2014-hush-13 release-2014-hush-14

What was behind your decision to go more digital in comparison to last year’s 100 Wishes?
“100 Wishes” resulted in beautiful prints, but there was a high level of variability between our emotional input and the visual output. With Release 2014, we designed the application and resulting image to clearly exhibit the uniqueness of each person’s voice and emotional statement, and a direct and replicable impact on the visual output. We developed custom software that recorded the releases and translated them into visual forms, each unique to the tonalities of the individual recording. From there, we curated 88 for a limited run of prints as well as a selection of gifs and images for the website that gave a look behind the scenes.

What do you hope people will take away from this project?
HUSH is fixated on designing new experiences afforded by design principles, technology, space, and artistry – but often driven by the most simple of human needs, emotions and sentiments. Ultimately, this project embodies how we innovate and design when solving problems in commercial projects, acts as a learning tool, and helps us hone processes. That’s internal. To our audience who sees this project, we simply want them to see something beautiful, but know its driven by an unconventional play with human emotions. While there’s a complex backstory – enjoyed by many – the core of this project was about creating beautiful, visual imagery enjoyed by anyone.



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