Retegui’s Bigun coffee table

Published on June 6, 2016

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Retegui‘s Bigun coffee table unites two apparently contradictory states: the hard and the soft. A marble top is set on a moulded foam base covered with padded fabric.

retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-01 retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-06 retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-07

The Bigun coffee table embodies research carried out with Retegui into the challenge of imparting warmth and softness to marble.

retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-10 retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-13

Bigun draws inspiration from the traditional Basque strongman game of stone lifting.
To create this table they designed a marble top placed on a moulded foam base – just like the stone which, once lifted, is dropped back onto a sort of large, thick cushion.


The perception of decorative marble being a fragile material is totally erased by the cushioning foam base upon which the table top is set.

retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-09retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-02 retegui-bigun-coffee-table-iratzoki-lizaso-03

The generously shaped Bigun exists in two sizes and four monochrome marble/fabric combinations.



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