Revaluate by Dutch Invertuals

Published on November 2, 2013

Exhibition overview_WEB_07On the verge of shifting cultures and collapsing economies, one really has to thoroughly reconsider who we are and what we stand for. Formulating a new awareness. Gaining the freedom from fading boundaries. Creating space for new understanding, unknown trades, alternative concepts of value and belonging. Ten designers look into this interchanging reality and seek for revaluation.

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Exhibition overview_WEB_14 Exhibition overview_WEB_15Wendy Plomp – Curator
“Innovations and cultures thrive on constant redefinition. It’s the process of reconsidering who we are by valuating the world around us.”

Dutch Invertuals is a collective of individual designers who are expanding the limits of their profession. Designers with different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: experiment is principal.

They present new work in collaboration with the workshops:
Beeldenstorm, Sundaymorning@ekwc and Nationaal Glasmuseum.

Ziel by Daphna LaurensDaphna Laurens_WEB_03“ By working zealously we strive to increase the value of objects and products.”

Daphna Laurens_WEB_01 Daphna Laurens_WEB_02 Daphna Laurens_WEB_04The profoundness with which a product is made is, when noticeable, of great value. Often, industrial production methods seem to make this emotional element disappear. Capturing the ‘soul’ and retaining it in the object, -independent from the used methodologies, technique and number of copies- that is the challenge.

Roots by EdhvEdhv_WEB_08“Matters of value shape the foundation of who we are. It’s a continuous game of holding on and

Edhv_WEB_01 Edhv_WEB_05 Edhv_WEB_06An exploration of the twilight zone between the physical and the virtual led to the concept of how objects take root: a research into the development of the fusion and the frameworks that these structures offer. New patterns, which can arise through the language of organic models.

Soudure Nouveau by Jeroen WandJeroen Wand_WEB_00“For me, the necessity of a product determines its value. The larger its indispensability, the greater its value.”

Jeroen Wand_WEB_04 Jeroen Wand_WEB_01 Jeroen Wand_WEB_03Going back to the essence of the technique and reassess the methodology to revalue it and distance oneself from the known. Working from the definition of the term ‘welding’ –connecting two things of the same material by melting and pressure– resulted into the development of a new technique.

Filter by Jetske VisserJetske Visser_WEB_05“I hold value in the ephemeral. I want to retain, register and preserve the most fragile things. Conserving the transience.”

Jetske Visser_WEB_03 Jetske Visser_WEB_02 Jetske Visser_WEB_04Everything is submissive to circumstance. Everything slowly disintegrates. Ultraviolet radiation bleaches colors and deteriorates and decomposes materials. The filtering effect of colors can slowdown this process. The combination of inner and outer form determines this degree of protection: a game between colors.

Primal by Jólan van der WielJolan van der Wiel_WEB_01“Value is concealed in this moment when anything is still possible. The freedom of the empty page and the shapeless form.

Jolan van der Wiel_WEB_00 Jolan van der Wiel_WEB_03 Jolan van der Wiel_WEB_04Each moment when a step is taken possibilities are excluded. Each step is a step closer to a form. The moment before the first step is the moment that is filled with possibilities, fantasies and desires. The potential. The beginning.

Alteration by Kirstie van NoortKirstie van Noort_WEB_05“ ‘To value …,’ that’s a beautiful thing. To value people, moments, objects, discoveries and the new insights they bring with them.”

Kirstie van Noort_WEB_01 Kirstie van Noort_WEB_02 Kirstie van Noort_WEB_04Porcelain is easy to form and cast. This process, however, is subject to the imperfections of the ceramist. Contemporary techniques make it possible to give an unprecedented precision to products. The inaccuracies of the manual work give details to the mechanically processed outcome.

Keystone by OS ∆ OOSOS∆OOS_WEB_05“Often you only realize afterwards how valuable something is. If something breaks or disappears the moment passes. Yet the memory remains.”

OS∆OOS_WEB_04 OS∆OOS_WEB_02 OS∆OOS_WEB_01Something only gets meaning when it is placed in a bigger whole: a balance, which is created through the underlying relationship of the separate elements. By using each other’s strengths, an independent structure is formed. The final addition is pivotal.

Feeds per Minute by Raw ColorRaw Color_WEB_02“Time is relative, a lot can happen in one minute. What is the value of time when connected to information?”

Raw Color_WEB_05 Raw Color_WEB_04 Raw Color_WEB_03An infinite flow of information, connected to a limitation of time, related to a color, filtered on emotion. Digital information is processed and projected analogue. How decisive is the timeframe for the value of all this data? What lingers and what disappears to the background of our awareness?

Foam & Glass by Roos GompertsRoos Gomperts_WEB_09“As a designer I hold value in exploring the optimal communicative strength of the materials that I work with.”

Roos Gomperts_WEB_02 Roos Gomperts_WEB_07 Roos Gomperts_WEB_00Two materials that are each other’s visual en physical opposites. The one often used to protect the other. By treating glass and foam as equals, both materials enhance each other and gain new meaning.

Materialism by  Studio Mieke MeijerStudio Mieke Meijer_WEB_00“The value of an object is determined by what and how much one is willing to do to obtain or preserve it.“

Studio Mieke Meijer_WEB_03 Studio Mieke Meijer_WEB_02 Studio Mieke Meijer_WEB_04With the disappearance of genuine materials from our environment our appreciation for authenticity changes. In its pure form, the material can show itself in all its richness and the process of creation gains a significant influence on the outer appearance.

Dutch Invertuals

Invertuals Designers : Daphna Laurens, Edhv, Jeroen Wand, Jetske Visser, Jólan van der Wiel, Kirstie van Noort, OS ∆ OOS, Raw Color, Roos Gomperts,
Studio Mieke Meijer.

Founder & curator by Wendy Plomp

Exhibition design by Daphna Laurens

Text by Rob van Kaam

Photos by Raw Color

In collaboration with: Beeldenstorm, Sundaymorning@ekwc, Nationaal Glasmuseum


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