Monocle, a reading lamp to be wall-mounted

Published on February 26, 2016

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The Monocle sconce’s solid aluminum body bears a sturdy heft, while its swivel and dimming capacity cast a precise light.


Its pleasantly round demeanor makes it an ideal reading lamp to be wall-mounted next to the headboard. Durable and damp-rated, however, it works well in many applications: under outdoor overhangs or in the bathroom vanity.


Use the wall-adaptor kit to turn Monocle into a Sconce with a Switch. In this instance, no J-box is required for installation—perfect for masonry wall or other installation challenges.


No matter the scale of the project, each Rich Brilliant Willing product receives real human oversight. They take care from start to finish. And they sweat the details. Every component, large and small, is designed and assembled by RBW team in their own facilities, making sure that every product that bears their label deserves RBW brand.


Assembling a Monocle at Brooklyn Studio.

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The Monocle Wall Adapter allows Monocle to be installed without a junction box, or, at a junction box with an on/off switch. 4′ soft flex cord with plug optional.

Rich Brilliant Willing


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