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Published on October 2, 2013

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Ritual believes in creating their own path. They’ve set out to deliver a range of hockey gear that is unique. Their products are designed for individuals who demand function, creativity and sense of style in the products they choose to own.

Their ritual is about thoughtful, purposeful design. They keep their product range limited so they can focus on creating outstanding products. Every product is designed from the ground up to perform a specific function and reflect extensive research and development. Ritual explores the relationship between materials, design, people and hockey. Expert designers perform a variety of material and design tests resulting in a range of first-class functional products of superior quality & durability that you will appreciate and get the best results with. Take a look at their products and the chances are one of them was designed to do what you love to do.


Their high quality designer products reflect skillful design, attention to detail and a unique appreciation of functionality – an artful fusion of design and functionality. It is a quality-focused process that cannot be automated meaning that each item is handmade by a team of craftsmen and women. Each hockey stick for example, can involve up to 10 hours of crafting to our specifications.

Those who make their raw materials and the men and women who craft their products are all experts in their field. They take great pride in their work and the quality of what they produce and what they deliver to you.

They have taken no shortcuts in the process so as to ensure our products are constructed using the most superior materials available. Ritual has created premium quality gear, utilizing materials that last and age well. They don’t mind if their products age gracefully as older gear that still performs its function despite being used extensively is appreciated. That’s not to say they’re not continually seeking out the best technology and materials to create the futures best range – it just means you don’t have to keep replacing damaged gear.

The world’s leading composite material manufacturers supply the Carbon and Kevlar used in our composite hockey sticks. Located in Japan and The Netherlands their suppliers have proud histories in leading the way in composite materials engineering and development and in servicing the aerospace industry.

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All Ritual sticks are constructed with ultra durable materials and we proudly offer a 12 Month Guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials. Square styled sides increase stiffness and resulting hitting power. The larger edge profile also provides a more consistent edge hitting zone.

The bottom of the head has been moulded with a XX° angled profile. By reducing the base of the head they have created a thinner edge profile, making it easer to get under the ball. Designed to assist with with jinking and flicking this feature is great when dribbling, both sides of the body. The 3mm scoop on the lower shaft is designed to help guide and control the ball when drag flicking. The scoop is positioned 12cm up the shaft so as not to effect dribbling and hitting performance.

The transfer of stick ‘feel’ is essential to player performance. All Ritual sticks are fitted with a 1.7mm layer of high-density foam on the stick handle. This foam has excellent shock absorption properties and cushioning.

All Ritual hockey sticks are factory fitted with a 1mm chamois grip. Renowned for its performance in wet conditions, chamois grips have a soft, cloth finish and can be reversed for extended life. A silica coating is applied to the stick face to better grip the ball. This feature is especially noticeable in wet and slippery conditions.

A fraction shorter than the standard maxi. They have slimed down the head shape for better balance and set at 45° for quick head speed and balanced reverse stick skills. Developed by ‘Dupont’, Kevlar is a ballistic fibre that absorbs impact. Kevlar inserts have been added to the base of the head and side edge of the shaft to protect against wear and impact damage.


High balance point for a lighter feel and quicker stick speed. This is measured up from the base of the head and is preferred by our pro sponsored players. Average of 385mm. Intelligent composite schedule distributes material around the shaft and handle cross section while adding the least weight. The composite materials (lay-up) schedule has been developed through extensive play testing and mechanical analysis.

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Composite material plies are layed-up and moulded together to form 3 thin walls which increase lateral and torsional stiffness to give a great strength to weight ratio. Each stick is crafted by hand. Up to 20 layers of composite reinforcement are prepared on-site and hand layed into the mould. This is followed by hand sanding and finishing for a premium level of quality.

Sourced from one of the worlds leading Japanese carbon suppliers, Toray. They use a 3K carbon fibre for an optimum balance between strength and weight. Developed by Dupont, Kevlar has advanced impact properties making it perfect for leading edge protection. Specially formulated resin to produce a hardened finish adding strength and durability to Ritual hockey sticks.

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