Roly Poly Chair, constructed from layered, high gloss fiberglass

Published on June 30, 2015

roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-01 roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-03

Constructed from layered, high gloss fiberglass, the Roly Poly Chair is characterized by soft edges and plumpness and draws on both children’s toys and the designer’s personal transformation during her recent pregnancy. The design exhibits a fascinating departure from Toogood’s previous tendency toward sharp geometric forms and post-industrial materials.

roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-09 roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-11

What remains consistent within the Assemblage collection is a preoccupation with materiality and experimentation. Her principled stance and daringness to try new things have made her one of the most celebrated young designers of the decade.

roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-10 roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-08roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-14

Chairs acquire a rounded, welcoming chunkiness, with wide legs and gently linear forms, while the popular Elements Table is reinterpreted as a ludic interplay of voids and feminine curves.

roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-02 roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-12

Each of the new pieces has been developed as a clay maquette before being rendered in layered fibreglass, chosen as a medium for its tensile strength and sculptural qualities.

roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-13 roly-poly-chair-faye-toogood-07

Surfaces are polished smooth in places, left raw and untreated in others; the resultant textural dialogue is carried across into hand-woven yarn throws and the graphic, contoured Play tapestry – an abstract image derived from an infant’s building blocks.


The palette throughout consists of subtle variations of off-white, eschewing gleaming futuristic brightness in favour of the comforting dairy hues of mid-century Bakelite.


In keeping with Faye Toogood’s longstanding principle of supporting British artisans and craftsmanship, all of the pieces are designed and manufactured entirely within the UK.

Faye Toogood


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