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Published on April 28, 2015


Established in 1837, the Royal College of Art is the world’s longest-running postgraduate college of art and design. Based around the six Schools of Architecture, Communication, Design, Fine Art, Humanities and Material, their breadth of subjects is wide and embodies a deep tradition of practice-based research.

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Students come to the RCA from across the globe and find themselves at the dynamic heart of one of the most exciting periods of cultural development in over a generation, born from the shifts in technology and craft, art and design, communication, science and social relevance. They actively encourage cross-disciplinary activity and experimentation, led by world-renowned practitioners, many of whom are drawn from our successful alumni. There are some 1,200 students at the College at any one time, taught by over 350 members of staff including a distinguished, revolving cast of visiting professors, lecturers and practitioners.


The RCA has a strong research culture – there are over 120 MPhil and PhD students – that both leads and informs each School-wide knowledge base. Within each curriculum are opportunities for cross-pollination through group projects with other RCA programmes, and creative collaborations with key partners provide industry-specific experience that is mutually beneficial.


Many new developments are currently in progress at the College, including the completion of new buildings, workshops and studios; the creation of a new research hub; the expansion of joint projects with industry; the launch of four dynamic new courses; and the appointment of many new members of our academic teams. RCA’s vision is to help develop great creative minds, and ideas that will be central to the cultural evolution of our societies.

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Housed over two campuses in Kensington and Battersea, the RCA is surrounded by some of the most important spaces and events in London’s art and design worlds, and an exciting social scene of bars, clubs and cafés.


The twenty-first-century RCA knows that its graduates contribute significant, real-world innovations across art, communication, critical writing, exhibition-making and design – both as practitioners and through research. Future innovation doesn’t grow in isolation, and the RCA’s new Schools, each led by a Dean who is a leading practitioner in his or her field, promote hybridity and opportunities for interdisciplinarity.

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The Royal College of Art aims to achieve international standards of excellence in the postgraduate and pre-/mid-professional education of artists and designers and related practitioners. It aims to achieve these through the quality of its teaching, research and practice and through its relationship with the institutions, industries and technologies associated with the disciplines of art and design.

The College aims to achieve these standards of excellence by:
– fostering a high level of understanding of the principles and practices of art and design
– encouraging individual creativity among staff and students
– recruiting students of proven ability and by providing pre-professional and post-experience study opportunities
– continuously enhancing appropriate links and collaborations with industries and professional bodies
– exploring the innovative applications of technologies and processes to the disciplines of art and design
– encouraging awareness of social and environmental developments insofar as they relate to art and design; and through co-operation and partnership with other institutions, locally, nationally and internationally.


The Royal College of Art leads in the field of postgraduate art and design study and research. The College is rightly proud of its graduates’ achievements. Alumni from the RCA form part of an international network of creative individuals who have shaped and continue to shape the culture surrounding all of us – from the landscape of our cities to the furniture and appliances in our homes, and from the clothes we wear and the films we watch to the work we experience in galleries and the cars we drive.


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The RCA’s Schools offer a vibrant mix of studio work, critical and creative thinking, and research.

It offers 24 distinctive programmes across the art and design disciplines, delivered through a vibrant mix of studio work, critical and creative thinking, and research across six integral Schools. MA programmes and MPhil/PhD research are delivered through the Schools, with combined facilities and opportunities for cross-pollination. Each programme offers a full package of assisted learning through tutorials, seminars and support for individual and group projects, and learning is focused to give each student the support she or he needs to build expertise in their discipline.

Royal College of Art


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