Pots, trays & vases created by mixing metal dust with plaster and eco-resin

Published on October 6, 2015

Ariane Prin - RUST - PC Tommaso Lanza - 13

Product designer Ariane Prin to launch RUST, the studio’s first homeware collection for the London Design Festival 2015.

The RUST range is composed of pots, trays and vases created by mixing metal dust with plaster and eco-resin (Jesmonite). No two items in RUST are the same: the collection is entirely hand-made and the metal dust oxidation gives each product a unique texture, varying in colour and intensity.

ariane_prin_rust_Jewellery box_ALL_77_PC Ariane Prin ariane_prin_rust_Tray_41_42_166_PC Ariane Prinariane_prin_rust_Jewellery box_ALL_73_PC Ariane Prinariane_prin_rust_Plant pot_02_24_PC Ariane Prin ariane_prin_rust_Plant pot_04_31_PC Ariane Prin

RUST is inspired by the desire to create new form and utility out of commonly disregarded waste materials.

ariane_prin_rust_samples_PC Ariane Prin

The collection’s varied surface patterns are obtained by mixing different metal particles with water-based resin and plaster. The metal dust used for the pieces originates from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London.

ariane_prin_rust_Close up_01_PC Ariane Prin ariane_prin_rust_Close up_02_PC Ariane Prin ariane_prin_rust_Close up_04_PC Ariane Prin ariane_prin_rust_Close up_36_PC Ariane Prin

Ariane Prin says about her process:

“It takes us about three days to complete a piece in RUST. That is not considering the rusting time and the high variability of the process — I often reject and recycle pieces in the production when I’m not happy with the result. But every time I go to my studio I’m excited to see the objects’ changing textures. It’s like each one of them was alive and mutating with time.

The shapes I chose for the RUST range are extremely simple. I wanted to let the material and its visual articulation be the heroes of this series of products”

ariane_prin_rust_Tray_ALL_177_PC Ariane Prin ariane_prin_rust_Tray_45_46_173_PC Ariane PrinAriane Prin - RUST - PC Tommaso Lanza - 13 Ariane Prin - RUST - PC Tommaso Lanza - 03
Ariane Prin - RUST - PC Tommaso Lanza - 14

In conjunction with the launch, Ariane Prin’s studio will introduce a new website and online store, PRIN London.

Prin.in by  Ariane Prin


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