Ruutu Vases by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Iittala

Published on July 2, 2015


Ruutu, which means diamond or square in Finnish, is a collection of 10 vases available in five sizes and seven colours. When collected and combined, they make small seamless installations where both the strength and the delicate nature of the glass come alive.

ruutu-vases-ronan-erwan-bouroullec-iittala-02 ruutu-vases-ronan-erwan-bouroullec-iittala-03

The fluidity and vibrant feel of the mouth blown glass creates the delicate character for Ruutu.



In Ruutu, they were able to create a delicate, watercolour-like palette that intermingles with each other when combining sizes and colours. They wanted to show a sophisticated range of Iittala colours while at the same time handing the job over to the user who will be able to create his or her own individual landscape.


Ronan and Erwan were seeking to express the purity of glass blowing in this simple diamond shape. Glass is a material that likes round shapes. When hot it flows like honey and does not like to be pulled into a very precise geometric shape. By developing the strict shape they are reaching the limits of the material, and using the highest level of the Iittala glass-blowing expertise.

Bouroullec and iittala


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