Sabadì – The Quality Of Life

Published on September 21, 2016


Now is the time for chocolate and Happycentro, a creative studio from Verona (Italy) dedicated to art direction, design & videomaking. Here is the packaging series designed for Sabadì.

sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-03 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-08sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-07 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-06 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-05 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-04

Why not looking at chocolate from a different perspective? Cocoa is as a fantastic raw material and the cold working process preserves all its exceptional functional properties. Italian chocolatier Simone Sabaini started from the cocoa’s 5 great properties looking for 5 elements that bring “Quality of Life”.

sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-13 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-15 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-14 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-09sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-19 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-18

He worked hard for 18 months together with a prestigious italian University.
This set includes one bar devoted to the five virtues: youth, leisure, health, sex and optimism.

sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-10 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-11 sabadi-chocolate-illustration-packaging-16

In order to produce this chocolate, Organic Ecuadorian cocoa is cold-pressed at no more than 45°C to preserve its natural aromatic notes and richness, thus celebrating the life-affirmimg attributes and virtues that abound in the Sicilian born label.


Maybe a new way of making chocolate. Please enjoy rich flavour at


Illustration & design: Ilaria Roglieri, Roberto Solieri
Linocut: Anna Rodighiero


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